Programming Choices

Team Elliott Education offers Comprehensive, Session Specific and Field programs for independent, assisted and memory care communities.

Comprehensive Program


The Comprehensive Program is available for healthcare communities who choose to subcontract entire monthly calendar activity to Team Elliott Education. Team Elliott Education is directly responsible and accountable to executive directors and/or healthcare community owners.

Lifelong Learners, designed by Team Elliott Education, is an innovative, interactive, integrated and dynamic lifestyle program which promotes intellectual participation through music, art, recreation, and educational opportunities. Programming is scheduled seven days a week.

For communities who choose a Comprehensive Program, Team Elliott Education recognizes the extraordinary efforts of participants through induction to Team Elliott Education’s Lifelong Learners Hall of Fame.

Session Specific Program

Session Specific Programs are available for communities to schedule, regularly or intermittently, as a supplement to community activity schedule. Rates contingent on session selection, frequency and availability.

Field Program

The Team!

Field Programs represent comprehensive or session specific service to communities beyond our geographical area, who choose to implement Team Elliott Education’s programming via consulting and licensing agreements.

Field Accounts include consulting and training within:

Team Elliott Education offers affordable contributions for quality, intellectually stimulating lifestyle programming within independent, assisted and memory care communities.