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Team Elliott Challenges are designed to help stimulate the minds of those who are looking for an engaging, fun, and interactive refresher.

Memory Challenge

Team Elliott Memory Challenge was inspired by residents of healthcare and memory care communities. All images used in this application were created by participants of Team Elliott Education’s Lifelong Learners Program.

This Challenge offers five levels, each increasing in difficulty. The game possibly helps stimulate memory responses by presenting the player with sets of identical images that must be matched to move forward. Random selection of matching images may also provide enjoyment.

Once all images are matched, the player has the option to move forward to the next challenge level, replay previous levels or opt out.

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Word Search

This Challenge offers a way to keep mentally active and practice English, Spanish, French and German.

Each level offers increasing number of words to search. After successfully highlighting words within the search box, a translation page appears to refresh and enhance language practice. Bonne Journée!

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Art Puzzle Jam!

This Challenge offers 48 stunning, original art puzzles in 2 different difficulties. The puzzles engage the player by challenging the mind to solve the puzzle in different ways.

Once a puzzle is completed, the player has the option to choose other art puzzles or replay the current one.

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